Why I love having Cerebral Palsy

This week is Cerebral Palsy Awareness Week, with tomorrow being World CP Day.  I’ll be live on Twitter between 1-2pm GMT to answer your questions about cerebral palsy, my life living with the condition and about my memoir, “Does it wet the bed?”.  But in the meantime, here’s why I love having Cerebral Palsy. .Continue reading Why I love having Cerebral Palsy

Nerves & Excitement

I’ve finally finished writing my book.  Years of drafting, redrafting, agonising over the right words to convey my message, are finally at an end and I have set a date for publication: Monday 31st August 2015. If I thought writing the book was hard, this bit is even more daunting.  Getting the formatting right, finalisingContinue reading Nerves & Excitement

Disability Awareness for Children

Last week, I went to a primary school to deliver my Disability Awareness for Kids workshops. The children were taking part in a Disability Awareness week but I was apprehensive about their reaction to me; a lady in a wheelchair who didn’t speak especially clearly. I realised that talking to a group of children wasContinue reading Disability Awareness for Children

Does it wet the bed? – Free Wheeling

I’m just putting together a book proposal for “Does it wet the bed?” as even though the  book is almost complete, many agents request a proposal as well as sample chapters. In doing so, I’ve chosen an anecdote to start the overview so I thought I’d share it here! More to come over the coming weeks.Continue reading Does it wet the bed? – Free Wheeling

Finally time to look for a literary agent

I’ve been pretty busy over the past few months. As well as working on my campaign to make Great Barr great for Disabled People (Great Barr Accessibility Report), and raising my little boy Jack, I’ve been trying to finalise the first draft of my autobiography. Although I regularly write articles for my blog and campaign, this isContinue reading Finally time to look for a literary agent