“You’re so Brave!”

A Disability Reference & Etiquette Guide

By Aideen Blackborough

Release date to be confirmed


“You’re so brave!” is something I’ve heard countless times over many years. But why? Just because I use a wheelchair and get on with my life. That’s not brave, that’s just normal.

Despite how far we’ve come as a society, disability is still a taboo subject. People remain afraid to talk about disability for fear of offending someone or “getting it wrong”. But with disability becoming more prevalent, especially with our ageing population, the reality is that 1 in 3 of us is directly touched by disability.

This disability reference and etiquette guide provides everything you need to know about disability, whether you have a disability yourself or know someone who is disabled, work with disabled colleagues or customer or simply want to improve your disability awareness. This guide includes:

  • An introduction to disability, how attitudes have evolved and the current models of disability;
  • An explanation of the laws which protect the rights of disabled people;
  • The Myths vs Facts of disability;
  • Advice on appropriate language when referring to disability;
  • Etiquette guidance when interacting with disabled people.
  • A Disability Dictionary including an explanation of a range of disabilities, their causes and how each condition affects the individual as well as where to go for further information and support.
  • A toolkit for Employers and colleagues working with disabled colleagues;
  • Support and information for parents of disabled children.
  • Information and advice for disabled people who are or who wish to become parents.


If you would like to contribute your views, experiences or questions about disability for possible inclusion in the guide, please get in touch with me.

If you have a disability and would like to take part in my research for the guide, please complete the questionnaire and email it to Aideen@flyinglady-training.com                                                 Disabled People YSB questionnaire