For the past year, hubby has been off work to help me with our little lad Niall who was born last April. He did the same when we had Jack and having that support has been brilliant. Hubby has been working on our Costs to Expect app which is essentially a budget management tool with a whole lot more. Although progress is good, we’ve decided he’s going to return to contracting fairly soon – which presents me with many extra challenges!

I have obviously found ways to overcome my disability in all aspects of my life, as well as parenting but I have found the early months to be quite lonely at times as it’s difficult to get out and about with Niall by myself. Dean puts him in the baby carrier so I can take him out for walks but as I can’t get him in and out of the harness without assistance, it’s been difficult to actually go anywhere like baby groups or out shopping. Pretty soon, he’ll be able to sit on my lap with the seatbelt around us both which will make things slightly easier, but it’s still not easy. At home, I always change Niall on the floor so that if he wriggles away, it’s no big deal – the worst that can happen is a mess on the floor but out and about where public changing tables are my only option, it creates more anxiety then its worth. Niall is now confidently walking around the house so I know things will get easier and trips to the park and the like will become an option – though then I have the issue of Niall running faster than I can wheel!

Everybody knows how difficult it can be to get kids up and out in the morning and I’m very lucky that my dad usually does the morning school run with Jack. But when this isn’t possible, it’s going to be a challenge getting all three of us up, ready and out the door at 8.25. I can foresee Niall being in his PJ’s at the school gate more often than not!

Dean’s work hours mean he’ll mostly likely be out until at least 7pm so we’ll have to plan ahead with meals, for as much as I am able to cook, it’s a much slower and more hazardous process for me than most so it won’t be feasible for me to prepare too much whilst looking after the boys.

Jack also has after school activities now which also need to be considered. I think Niall is going to start loving riding on my lap as we whizz around Great Barr. I am hoping Niall will go to a child minder for a couple of days a week, just to allow me time to do the essentials a little easier.

It’s going to be my biggest challenge yet as a disabled mum and it’s daunting but I know we’ll settle into a new norm as a family. I also want to treasure this time as I know how quickly kids grow up.