A few months ago, I wrote about how inaccessible the Blue Badge Application process is – ironic as it’s target audience is disabled people.  As a result of such experiences, I find myself putting such things on the long finger, dreading the inevitable hassle and stress.

However, my Irish passport needed renewing and hopeful of a holiday to celebrate turning 40 next summer (shush!!), I decided to bite the bullet. Having gone to a “Photo Me” booth to get my photo done (a trauma in itself!), I realised the photo came with a reference number enabling retrieval online. If it worked as intended, I wouldn’t need any assistance to fill in a paper based form so last Wednesday, I sat down to give it a go.

I’m not joking when I say that the process took less than 10 minutes and I was able to complete it totally independently. Most of the questions were tick boxes and it was quick, easy and totally stress free.  And the best bit? My new passport arrived yesterday – less than a week after I applied!

The Irish Embassy should be applauded for a process which is so straightforward and accessible – I can think of a few organisations who should take a leaf out of their book! We really should be striving to make everything this easy and accessible – it’s not just disabled people who would benefit!