As part of my #QuestionMarkWhereYouPark Campaign, I recently wrote to my MP, Nicola Richards, to ask her to support the campaign and consider raising it in Parliament.

Though it took her a little while to respond, Nicola seemed sympathetic and supportive of the issues I had raised. Nicola made me aware of the Traffic Regulation Order, which authorises local councils to restrict pavement parking, without seeking permission from Whitehall. So I think my next step will need to be to start lobbying Sandwell Council, perhaps through the Access Officer if they have one.

My MP also pointed out that there has been a consultation on the issue which has focused on how a  nationwide ban on pavement parking would work. The formal response to this consultation “is expected in due course” so I will be intrigued to see the results of this.

In the meantime, I will continue to raise awareness of this issue and at least try to make an impact locally as a starting point.