This month is Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month and as a way to celebrate, I’ve offered a number of free Disability Awareness Assemblies to local schools. Last week was my first one to a primary school.

I always get nervous before I deliver any training or speeches, mainly because I worry about my speech impediment and how my audience will respond. I particularly worry when talking to children as from experience, they can be shy about asking me to repeat myself.

The deputy head at the school I visited yesterday was brilliant.  She stood at the front with me as I presented, occasionally reiterating what I was saying to ensure that the children understood.  It was reassuring for both me and them!

At the end of my presentation, I always leave time to allow the children to ask questions and it’s always my favourite bit and probably, the most beneficial for the children.  I got asked many questions about how I manage to do things including whether I can cook! After promising to be honest, I said that although I’m able to cook, I leave it to my husband as he’s the better chef!

One of the last questions was my favourite. One child asked, “Do you live a normal life?” It was a perfect example of why these sessions are so important; to show children that disabled people can live perfectly “normal” lives – whatever normal is! I think as the children left the hall, they knew the answer to that question.

If you would like to book a Disability Awareness Assembly for your school, please contact me.