I’m back to work after the summer break with my boys and there’s a lot to be done. Before I signed off for the summer, I explained that I’d been struggling to raise my Pavement Parking Campaign with Sandwell Council. I’d been given a general email address which was for generic feedback and as I’d feared, Sandwell Council haven’t responded.

Pavement Parking ban in Reading

However, having posted about my campaign on LinkedIn, I had a very useful and informative message from one of my connections. She gave me lots of advice on how I can progress the campaign and secure support for it. I have lots of work ahead of me, that’s for sure. One of the main things I need to do is show that the campaign is supported by local people so in the coming days, I’ll be setting up an online petition.

I’m also told that Reading Borough Council implemented a similar ban on Pavement Parking so I’m going to look at them for further inspiration and advice.

Although I’ve already tried to get Scope involved, I’m going to keep trying as well as attempting to gain the support of other charities.

As soon as I’ve built up support for the campaign, I’ll start approaching the media too.

Supporting the Campaign

But I can’t do this alone. As determined as I am, the council is not going to listen to one lone resident – no matter how loud I shout! I need as much help as I can get so please, if you’re following my blog and this campaign, share it as much as you can. Talk about with your friends. If you have photos of vehicles blocking pavements, please send them to me. This campaign is ultimately about making the community safer for disabled people. However, I honestly believe it will make things safer for everyone – especially our kids. #QuestionMarkWhereYouPark