I think by now you probably all know that I have Cerebral Palsy (CP) and if not, where have you been?! March is CP Awareness Month and this year, I offered four schools a free Cerebral Palsy Awareness Assembly. The sessions were snapped up and were really well received by both the children and the staff. I presented to over 1200 children during the month. One teacher said,:

“The assembly was extremely beneficial for our whole school community.  As well as increasing awareness and understanding of Cerebral Palsy, our pupils were truly inspired by Aideen.  Aideen had over 500 children’s full attention for 45 minutes – you could hear a pin drop!  The feedback from staff and pupils has been extremely positive.” – Dorridge Primary School, Inclusion Manager.

Free Cerebral Palsy Workshop

6th October is World Cerebral Palsy Day so to celebrate, I’m offering a Free Online Cerebral Palsy Taster Workshop. The session is an hour long, 12-1pm, and will cover:

*What Cerebral Palsy is and it’s symptoms

*What causes CP and the various types

*Dealing with some misconceptions

*An opportunity to ask questions

Perhaps you work with someone who has CP and would like to support them. You may be a friend or family member of someone with CP and want to find out more. This online, lunchtime session aims to be a quick introduction to the condition, giving you confidence when interacting with those who have Cerebral Palsy.

Book your place

If you would like to book a place, please contact me.