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“Upon arrival, one of the nuns took one look at me, and without blinking, asked Mum, “Does it wet the bed?”

This is the story of my life: the daily struggles and triumphs, hopes and fears when living with Cerebral Palsy.

Born in Ireland in 1983, Aideen was the third daughter born to her parents. But her birth didn’t go to plan and medical negligence resulted in the diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy when Aideen was three years old.

Aideen’s parents were advised to send her to a “special school” for disabled children after being told that it was unlikely that Aideen would ever achieve anything. Refusing to give up on their daughter’s future, they fought for her right to a mainstream education. Aideen proved her academic capabilities and went on to receive a 2:1 Honours degree from Oxford Brookes University.

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But employment and love didn’t come easy. Aideen fought ignorance and discrimination to eventually secure a full-time management role in a charity helping other disabled people. Loneliness often haunted her and she feared always being alone. Never giving up hope, she took a chance with online dating and eventually found someone to love her and her four wheels.

A diamond ring and a fairy tale wedding followed before two pink lines signalled Aideen’s journey into motherhood. Would her disability finally defeat her as she faced the enormous challenges of being a disabled parent?



Available on the Kindle Store from Monday 31st August priced £5.99.  Paperback edition released 30th November 2015.

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