#QuestionMarkWhereYouPark Update

As part of my #QuestionMarkWhereYouPark Campaign, I recently wrote to my MP, Nicola Richards, to ask her to support the campaign and consider raising it in Parliament. Though it took her a little while to respond, Nicola seemed sympathetic and supportive of the issues I had raised. Nicola made me aware of the Traffic RegulationContinue reading #QuestionMarkWhereYouPark Update

Wheelchair Woes… finally resolved

Those of you who follow my blog will know of the issues I had over the summer with my electric wheelchair. At the time of writing my last blog, I was awaiting new batteries having only just had another fault resolved. The drama continued to unfold as a new set of batteries were sent andContinue reading Wheelchair Woes… finally resolved

Wheelchair Woes . . . Sadly Continued

If you have read my last blog, you’ll be aware of my current wheelchair issues and the frustration it’s causing.  At the time of writing my last blog, I stupidly thought I was nearing the end of my issues. Little did I know there was further drama in store. Frustrated by being told I’d haveContinue reading Wheelchair Woes . . . Sadly Continued

Wheelchair Woes

  I recently tweeted about how frustrating life can be as a disabled person but how incredibly grateful I am for having such supportive family and friends. Life as a someone who is reliant upon an electric wheelchair can be very frustrating, particularly when things go wrong. Almost three weeks ago, I had planned anContinue reading Wheelchair Woes