Disability Awareness Assemblies

Children are inquisitive – especially about things and people who are different to what they’re used to. I believe it’s important and beneficial to introduce kids to issues of diversity during their early years and to be open and honest about their concerns.

I offer Disability Awareness Assemblies / Classroom visits to help children explore issues related to disability and ask the questions that are on their minds. Assemblies cover:

•                What Cerebral Palsy is and how it affects me;

•                How I overcome some of the challenges of having a disability;

•                The things children can do to include their disabled peers;

•                An opportunity to ask me questions about Cerebral Palsy or disability in general.

I’ve done several of these assemblies in the past and the children have always responded brilliantly and engaged with thoughtful and surprising questions!  The feedback from teachers and parents has always been positive and supportive:

“The assembly was extremely beneficial for our whole school community.  As well as increasing awareness and understanding of Cerebral Palsy, our pupils were truly inspired by Aideen.  Aideen had over 500 children’s full attention for 45 minutes – you could hear a pin drop!  The feedback from staff and pupils has been extremely positive.” – Dorridge Primary School, Inclusion Manager

“Thank you so much for coming to our school and sharing your story and experience. Children and staff found it really informative and I’ve had nothing but positive comments. You are always welcome back.” – Galton Valley Primary School, Deputy Head

Assemblies usually last for approximately 30 minutes or alternatively, I can spend a day visiting individual classrooms – this enables me to answer more of the children’s questions and tailor my approach to the various age groups.

Please Contact me for further information and to make a booking.