As a child, my parents ran their own cleaning company and built up quite an empire.  Dad always told us, “You never make money working for someone else!”  He would spend his sundays doing staff rotas and every other evening changing them again!  There was always something to be done but with hard work and commitment, came success and a comfortable lifestyle.   These days, my Mum runs a party business and both my sisters run successful businesses.  Being an entrepreneur really is in the blood!

I’ve seen first hand the challenges and triumphs of being self employed – it’s no easy option.  The monthly pay slip brings far less hassle – it’s certainly nice to clock-off at 5.30 and have no worries, other than the office politics of course!  But just like my family, I have never shyed away from hard work and hence why I have decided to set up Flyinglady Training & Consultancy.

It took me a while to work out what I really wanted to do.  And then I was given the opportunity to do a PTLLS course which is a qualification to teach adults.  As the course progressed and as I began delivering training, I realised I was happiest in the classroom – helping people to realise their potential.  Giving them knowledge and insights.  Challenging their perspectives.  And challenging myself.  Every learner and situation is unique – no one size will ever fit everyone and that’s the point of Flyinglady Training.

It won’t try and sell an off-the-shelf course unless it completely meets the clients requirements and the exact same course won’t be delivered twice.  Customers will get a training package which is specifically designed to meet their needs and it will be constantly reviewed.  If the approach isn’t working, I’ll find a new approach to meet individual needs.

It won’t be a 9-5 job, but what fun would that be anyway?!