After researching quite a bit and talking to other writers and some publishers, I realised that if I want my book to be successful, I have to prove that there is a market for it. But I’d also read that publishers can be put off a book if it has been made public, even partly.

I faced a dilemma and for months, I wrestled with it. I really didn’t want to scupper my chances of getting published but at the same time, I really wanted to show off what I had worked so hard on and hopefully build up what the industry calls a “following“.

So last week, I finally took the plunge and posted the first three chapters of “Does it wet the bed?” on – a website where writers can post their work and readers can comment on and rate books.

Authonomy is free to use so please go and take a look. Any feedback you have will be gratefully received and will help me to improve my work and hopefully, get it published.

Please note that the website is currently experiencing problems with Internet Explorer so it may be best to access it using Chrome or Firefox.

Thanks for your support!