A couple of weeks ago, I went to the local hospital with a fairly minor complaint. It’s often easier and quicker than trying to book a GP appointment these days. Thankfully, I only waited a short time before seeing a doctor. However, I was a little taken back when she abruptly asked,   “ What’s wrong with you?” I really dislike that question but that’s a different blog altogether! She was referring to my wheelchair rather than my complaint, which I’d already explained.  As soon as I told her I had Cerebral Palsy, her next question had me intrigued: “Have you ever tried Pilates?”

Improving my mobility

The abruptness of her initial question had subsided.  She started to explain that she was training to be a Pilates Instructor and that she knew other instructors who had worked with people who had Cerebral Palsy. The doctor explained that she knew of several people who had greatly increased their mobility by practicing Pilates. I explained that my own mobility had decreased in recent years, particularly since having my boys. I’ve been looking at ways to improve my mobility but no-one had ever suggested Pilates to me.  I was both surprised and excited at the suggestion that it could potentially help me. I promised myself there and then that I would pursue it further.

After telling hubby what I had learnt, I should have anticipated a gift he’d get me a few weeks later. A book entitled, “Wall Pilates for Seniors” was gifted to me for my 40th birthday!  Whilst a little annoyed at the age dig, I did appreciate the sentiment and hubby’s support and encouragement. 

As well as starting to work through the book, I’ve also found a local exercise class. Whilst not advertised as Pilates, it seems very similar. After texting the instructor and explaining my situation, I’ve decided to give it a try. As well as practising at home, I think going to a class will provide me with some additional support and accountability.  It may be a while before I see any significant improvements but I’m excited to see if it can have a positive impact.