I’ve been a disabled mum for ten years now – I don’t know where that time has gone!  I’ve spoken before about the challenges of getting out and about with my boys but I’m so glad to say that it’s slowly getting easier.

Venturing further

Up until now, I’ve just stayed local so that if I need support, family and friends are close by.  We’d visit family nearby and the local shops but that was as far as I’d go with them on my own. Now the boys are 10 and 4, I recently decided I could start venturing further with them.

I took both of them on the bus to a neighbouring town and we had a few hours out at the soft play and then have some lunch. I know for most mums, this isn’t something they need to think about.  But as a wheelchair user, it has worried me in case my youngest decided to run from me or have a melt down. Or as has happened to me on several occasions, what if a bus driver refuses me access? It’s bad enough tackling things like this on my own but it’s even more difficult with two kids in tow.

A successful day out

With all these issues bothering me, I was nervous. I’m glad to say that everything went well and the boys behaved! It was brilliant to finally be able to go out wherever I wanted/needed without needing hubby to have one or both of the boys.  Since this trip, I’ve ventured out with just my youngest and it’s great to be developing both my independence and confidence as a disabled mum.

I know there will be times when issues do arise but I’m always grateful for small wins! And with the summer holidays stretching ahead, I’m wondering what we’ll get up to and where we’ll end up?