I feel I should first of all apologise for the silence that descended upon my blog over the past 18 months. Like everyone else, our lives were unexpectedly turned upside by Covid and instead of returning to work as planned, I took on homeschooling duties whilst Hubby worked on a home contract and we looked after our youngest between us – life was utter chaos but like the rest of the world, we just had to get on with things the best we could. However, I had absolutely no energy left for blogging, writing etc so I’m sorry for the neglect but I hope to do regular blogs going forwards.

Now as life slowly returns to the “new” normal, our youngest has just started with a local child minder and I am finally starting to work part-time again. After eighteen months of being almost constantly together as a family, this is a big change and will take some getting used to – especially the little one who is very unsure about leaving Mummy!

I have my fingers in many pies as always with several writing projects in the pipeline, a research paper to write and promoting my public speaking. However, Hubby and I are also working on launching a new business, Costs to Expect which you can read about here. I think my role is best described as general dogsbody(!) to include data input, marketing and managing the Hubby but it’s good to have something slightly different to focus on and develop different skills!

There will be more updates about my writing as I begin to make some progress and I have several blogs planned so please keep checking in when you have a chance.